Eric Mann Dental Ceramics, Helping Local Business Attract New Clients


Helping Local Business Attract New Clients.

Eric Mann Dental Ceramics Lab (EMDC) has served dentists and oral surgeons for over 40 years. Superior craftsmanship is what defines their place within the market. EMDC questioned whether traditional marketing efforts and word of mouth advertising were enough to sustain growth in a down economy. After consulting with DRB Partners’ team they recognized that DRB understood their needs; the need to develop a unified brand identity to represent EMDC in today’s world. I showed how they can bring multilevel marketing (Web and Print) elements together within their budget. After reviewing EMDC’s new business development model, an outline of key needs was developed. EMDC’s first generation informational web site would be EMDC-1b revised, making it a contemporary marketing site. An attractive and engaging site with clear business to business (B2B) messaging to improve search engine optimization (SEO) would be launched.


A pocket brochure and business system was designed from the visual brand and messaging defined during the web development stage. This project demonstrates the ability to successfully manage projects, provide marketing strategy, design direction, back end web development and print collateral production, all within a client’s budget and with no compromise to quality.

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