Time Presses On: 
Letterpress Studio Goes Online


An 1800 lbs printing press isn’t your usual impulse buy. Fortunately, that press was already sold when I made my inquiry. This gave me time to inform my wife of my most recent plan. She took it well, actually embraced my vision and with that Time Presses On was born.

Currently it is an adventure, that is to say it is more than a hobby. Every adventure should have a plan. At the very least it should fulfill a dream. If it satisfies both, you’re are the better for it. I don’t know what direction this will lead. I do know that it is a perfect extension of my profession and my passion. Even though my professional life has lead further and further away from print design, web design draws many principles from the history of print. And my true passion is visual communication.
Building an online presence for Time Presses On is as important as ink on the press. There is a huge letterpress community that extends beyond one’s own geographical location. A network of helpful people. As my own knowledge and experience grows it is important to help others. It’s more than just “liking” something, it’s about sharing. The blog is built on a popular CMS platform along with a Facebook page that carries the same brand elements and positioning. Establishing that presence is the ground work that I hope will lead to online sales with the eventual addition of e-commerce.

  • Building brand awareness
  • Implement SEO tactics
  • Lend credibility
  • Make use of social networking
  • Engage with potential customers
  • Connect with letterpress community

All the above work of building a brand will make any future transition easier. Here is where I get to take my expertise and apply it to myself.

TPO is currently built on the Joomla CMS, but a beta version in WordPress wit WooCommerce is on my test server.

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